Reiki Massage

Release, relax, and open the physical body to health and healing.  Experience healing and awareness of emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual energies which exist around the physical body.  

Receive Reiki Energywork and allow the vital and healing human touch and energy to support a healing awareness in you.

Increase circulation and stimulate bodily systems.  Stimulate nervous system and activate endorphins.  Experience well-being, pain relief and reduction of stress chemicals in the body.  Slow heart rate, respiration and metabolism and lower blood pressure.  Reiki Massage is an effective therapy for a variety of health conditions, particularly stress related anxiety and tension.

I offer Reiki Massage on a private individual basis on the table with or without oils, and in service to your needs.
I also have a Massage Chair and can provide seated services to group gatherings or public events.

Experience relaxation and release - a healing touch infused with awareness and love.