Experience Awareness and Love Coaching with Adrian Heizmann-Checa starts with a complimentary Discovery Call.

My goal is to help you to grow and change in the areas of your life that you most desire, and to be present, in all of my awareness and love, to support you, your energy, your words, and your goals for yourself.  I will listen closely and deeply, ask questions for clarity and understanding, guide us in dialogue and exercises, challenge your words, actions, ideas, reactions, values and beliefs, give you assignments, ask you to observe your experiences in your life and to share your observations and insights as we work together.  All activity and information shared in our meetings is private, privileged, and confidential.

We both commit to working together for a minimum of (12) Twelve (1) One Hour Sessions to support you in achieving your goals and to empower you to find new ways for you to Experience Awareness and Love of the Infinite, the Self, and the Other.

Our sessions will consist of checking in with you and working with whatever arises in the moment or any specific items you feel are most important to focus on at that moment.  In this process I will ask, observe, and sense what is appearing and guide you to bring your awareness and love to it by using a variety of exercises, practices, and techniques.  Our sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or through Skype or Google Hangouts.

Our work may include: breathing exercises, meditation, feeling feelings, using our imagination, role playing, writing, active imagination, drawing, painting, dancing, authentic movement, high intensity sound, yoga, Reiki energy work, Reiki body work, Voice Dialogue, reading from select texts, customized homework assignments, being authentic and honest with each other, laughing and having fun as we discover, explore, and learn to create more Awareness and Love.

Email or call me today if you are ready to Experience Awareness and Love and willing to use your energy to grow what you most want!