After being in this world for 16 years, I was led to Landmark Education in Alexandria, VA by my kind and loving mother, Lorena Checa. I thank my mother for sharing the opportunity to do the work she had found and benefited from, many times over, thank you. I was truly excited with the healing and awareness I experienced as I participated in the courses: the Forum, the Advanced Course, and Self-Expression and Leadership. Originally this work was created by Warner Erhard, a great contributor to the individual and collective consciousness of personal healing and awareness throughout the world. To continue the work, students of Warner Erhard's licensed his work and created Landmark Education. The way we speak to each other and ourselves, rackets we play and the known and unknown costs and pay-offs, self-limiting thinking and the interpretations and stories we create about what happened.  This work peaked my interest, adults admitting and speaking openly about what they did not know!  I wanted more of this.  

In April 1999, at age 22, my mother encouraged me to attend the Temenos Basic Workshop.  I did and felt like I was home for the first time in my life. Meditation, stage work, sharing in small groups, giving and receiving feedback, voice dialogue, high intensity sound, soul expression through clay and art, dream work, archetypes, the psyche.  I immediately enrolled in a (4.5) four and a half month program called Stand & Deliver to continue the work and to help build the next Basic Workshop.  I was asked to be a facilitator of the work for the Basic Workshop we helped to fill!  Consciousness work began to fill me with contentment - helping others to see themselves in a new light, if only for a moment.

In March 2001, at age 23, Temenos had become Pathways Institute, and I went to Conscious Wave Retreat Center in Paulden, Arizona for a two week workshop, called Heart Initiation, taught by Carol Kammen.  Opening the Heart Chakra energetically and symbolically, more consciousness work, and 3 days of silence and fasting.

In January 2004 I was initiated by Theresa Ruth in Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage of Reiki.  Since then I have treated family, friends, and referrals who have come whether in good health or poor health, for specific or general healing.

In October 2005, at age 27, I continued to work with Pathways Institute, a modern day mystery school, and joined them in Costa Rica at the Samasati Nature Retreat Center for an intense and life-changing dive into the unconscious world of identification and projection.  Jodi Gold facilitated this two week workshop appropriately titled Reclaiming the Shadow.  I learned to work with my shadow material, the dark side, the parts of myself that I did not want to see or could only see in others because I had such strong ego positions of judgement!

In 2007, I met my current yoga teacher, Darin Para Somma, though a chance encounter with a mutual friend and fellow yogi, Katja Brandis, owner of Studio DC, and began attending his yoga class once a month, the first Saturday after the full moon, from 5:00 am to 9:00 am.  Darin shines a bright light out into the darkness.  In July 2008, Darin offered a Sri Yoga Teacher Training focused mainly on Integral Hatha Yoga, as taught by Sri Swami Satchitananda.  

In 2008 I bought a massage table to give Reiki treatments to family and friends.  When my friend Phoebe saw the table, she asked, "So are you doing massage now?"  "No, Reiki", I replied.  She must have needed a good massage, so she asked if I could, to which I said "Yes."  She was lucky friend number one, no charge, and extremely satisfied.  I guess I did owe her for giving me the opportunity to see that yes, "I am giving massage now".  I have worked on many family, friends, referrals, and other massage therapists and body workers.  Being initiated into Reiki and having studied healing with energy and light also allow me to add a higher purpose to the massage for greater healing, relief and well-being.

In November 2008, at age 30, I attended Awakening the Seer, the 3rd of the triad of Pathways Institute's two week workshops.  At the C.O.D. Ranch and retreat center, we continued our work, this time energetically and symbolically initiating and opening the chakras at our throat and third eye.

In May 2009 I completed a (9) nine month Personal Mastery course with Maryke Barclay of the Indigo Light Institute which has now become The New School of the Sacred Feminine.

Also, in 2009 I began teaching Sri Yoga for donations at the Servant Leadership School in Washington, DC, Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm.  As we were finishing our training, Darin, now the International Yoga Director for the SMVA Trust began teaching a very special sequence of asanas revealed to him by Amma Sri Karunamayi.  Once I was fully comfortable  teaching the Integral Hatha Yoga from our training, with Darin's blessing, I began teaching the Amma Sri Karunamayi sequence.  Karunamayi's recommended yoga asana sequence is simple, profound, and offers innumerable benefits for anyone who practices it.
In October of 2010, Tim Kelly, a former student and employee of the Pathways Institute offered a Voice Dialogue Training through his company, Trancendant Solutions.  I was very excited to finally have the time to re-learn this amazing technique for integration and transformation.  It was the teachers and founders of Temenos, now Pathways Institute and the community around it that first displayed the profound nature of voice dialogue.  I have shared that to me it is like "instant awareness" each time I have been facilitated and each time I have the honor of facilitating someone in Voice Dialogue.  Voice dialogue supports transformation, growth, and awareness in a highly effective and efficient  manner.
I consider myself an Awareness Creator, finding and sharing ways for individuals, couples, families, and groups to experience awareness and loving connection with themselves, others and the infinite, through A Healing Awareness.
I have actively participated in, experienced, and transformed through workshops and practices taught by Landmark Education, Pathways Institute, Butterfly Workshops, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Recovery Programs, Sri Yoga, Indigo Light Institute, Transcendent Solutions, Inner Journey, and David Neagle. 
Today I offer Awareness Coaching, Custom Workshops, and when asked specifically, I can help through: Voice Dialogue, Reiki, Massage, Yoga, and Meditation, for you to find A Healing Awareness for yourself.
In 2014 I began working in the field of recovery, and help families with Alcohol & Drug Interventions at Recovery Interventions, and help individuals with Recovery Coaching services at Recovery Guides.

If you feel called to speak with me or are curious to experience working with me, please reach out today and let's have a conversation about it.

(Above, my friend Vikram, me, and my dear mother Lorena)